A new way of experiencing film



Abyss is an eye-tracking interactive short film, where choices are subconsciously made by what you hold your gaze on. Contrary to active interactive films that disrupt visual continuity by adding invasive gaming world devices, Abyss is capable of maintaining an immersive visual experience. Through eye-tracking technology the user will be capable of making seamless choices throughout the film.


Abyss utilizes JavaScript programming to track the user’s gaze through the use of webcam and monitor. The webcam tracks the viewer’s gaze and calculates the user’s decisions, by taking an average viewpoint of the X coordinates. The screen is divided into two invisible grids, which has been developed within the code to identify and trace the movement of the user’s gaze within the frame of the film.

User Experience

Abyss meets the balance between active and passive immersive film. Abyss utilizes the user’s gaze in the choice-making process instead of button inputs which require physical interaction. Each choice is made aware to the user by subtle use of audio and visual associative cues throughout the film. This gives the user the ability to immersive themselves within interactive film without disengaging from the viewing experience.

Thomas O'Driscoll

Web Developer

Thomas's role within the project revolved heavily around the implementation of the choice system, eye-tracking software and webpage.


Laura Keeley

Narrative Designer

Laura’s role within the project centered around the development of the story structure and narrative, video production and sound design.


Emanuele Massa

Visual Designer

Emanuele’s role within the project was in video production, cinematography, UX design, colour grading and the overall aesthetic of the project.


Real-Time Result: